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Anti Ragging Policy


The HON’ble Supreme Court of India has issued very strict instructions to curb the menace of ragging in the institutes and has passed order in May 2007 in Which ragging has been declared a punishable offence and anyone indulging in ragging shall berusticated immediately.

All students and the parents are required to read the instruction of the HON’ble Supreme Court very carefully. Any students violating the instruction of the supreme Court shall be immediately rusticated from the institute and no claim of anynature shall be admissible.

Undertaking is to be filled up and signed by the candidate to the effect that he/she is aware of the institute’s approach towards ragging and of the punishment to which he or she shall be liable if found guilty of ragging. A similar undertaking shall be obtained from the parent/guardian of the applicant.

Anti Ragging Committee/Squads have been constituted for his purpose.