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"The real strength of society lies morality and values. Compassion is the foundation of humanity Keep the mind calm, intellect merciful and speech soft & sweet. Good company gives strength and courage for progress."

B.Ed.( Bachelor of Education )

Duration – 2 year

Eligibility – Graduation (50% for all categories)

Note – Admission as per university entrance exam and counseling.


Every candidate may select a particular course depending on one’s interest and attitude for a particular area or subject. The candidates may have access to a number of courses which they can apply for . When we observe in general, the candidates can have immense opportunities in all the fields which they can choose according to t hei r apt i t ude and att i t ude towards t he concerned course. There are many graduate courses which are available in various subject areas which one can opt for in general. The importance of vari ous courses will di ffer according to the type of courses which one may join for . The candidates usually select the courses based on their desires and need for the career line which they want to enter .

Even the students who have done thei r graduation or post graduation may opt for courses which may be different from the area where they have entered in to. If one has the attitude of becoming or entering in to the role of a teacher can opt for the course of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). This is basically a degree which makes the candidates capable or eligible for Duration – 1 year Eligibility – Graduation (50% for all categories) Note – Admission as per university entrance exam and counseling. teaching jobs. After the successful completion of the B.Ed course the candidates are made eligible for the teaching jobs and can undertake the profession of a teacher .

A B.Ed. degree makes or gives in the candidates the necessary skills to excel in this field of job. The candidates will be awarded the B.Ed degree based on the specialization subjects that they have taken during their graduation studies. The candidate become proficient in the teaching area and helps them to bring out their knowledge and skills required to become successful in this area of job on a whole.

The opinion about the B.Ed course among majority of the individuals is highly positive as it enhances all the hidden talents of the candidates (even who are introvert) in a good manner. The level of knowledge one may acquire through this area or course is tremendous. The candidates will have the opportunity to mingle with many other individuals who are from diverse backgrounds. The number of job opportunities after the completion of the B.Ed course is also immense.

NAAC Accredited College

Droan B.Ed College has been accredited with GRADE ‘B’ by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous body established by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India to assess and accredit institutions of higher education in the country. The Peer Team expressed satisfaction about the genuine interest and approach of the College in maintaining quality and standards in its educational activities.