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Welcome to Droan College of Education & Technology

"The real strength of society lies morality and values. Compassion is the foundation of humanity Keep the mind calm, intellect merciful and speech soft & sweet. Good company gives strength and courage for progress."

The Droan College of Education & Technology (DCET) for Higher Education is setup to impart quality education in the Field of management and to groom young people with knowledge and skills that would help them make meaningful contribution to Commerce and society. DCET believes in Holistic development of the students and their participation.

In the education programme, which instills in them professionalism ability to work hard, take prompt decisions and develop high thinking. The college also exposes the students to all aspects of the economy and to its various facets like environment, societal values, social responsibility and human value system.

The Campus

The college is located a few km from Rudrapur city, in the midst of Gorgeous greenery and peaseful surroundings. The place is well connected by road and Rudrapur railway station is hardly few km from the college. The activities of the college are conducted in the apacious building and large uncovered green area maintained for the same purpose. It has separate administrative and academic blocks. The college has a number of class rooms, Library Hall, Conference Hall and common room for boys and girls.

Our Joint Programme Pursues Mission of “Making Work” Through Its Objectives:

  • To provide an awareness of the board range of knowledge required in modern management.
  • To equip you with specialized knowledge required in the professional life.
  • To develop the analytical and behavioral skills required to make effective use of this knowledge in employment.
  • To groom and build your confidence and overall personal skills.
  • To facilitate you in pursuance of further studies in Management and related disciplines in India and aboard.