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Guardian & Parent's Message

Surendra Singh Grover
Guardian, Droan Educational

Vijay Bhushan Garg
President, Droan Educational
Mr. Surendra Singh Grover as guardian and Mr. Vijay Bhushan Garg as President of Droan Educational Society are one of the famous social workers, Industrialist and educationalists. They are associated with various religious and social bodies of this area as well as executing many educational institutions successfully and effectively.

They had a great feeling and commitment to provide higher education to the economically backward students of Rudrapur and rural areas of Dineshpur so that the young generations may be nurtured and benefited by the great vision and efforts of Droan Educational Society. And this is their firm conviction that the students would carry the rich values and traditions imbibed here to greater heights and build nations as well as their bright future. Their healthy and harmonious ambience and diligence has played a cascading role in the carrier and personality of innumerable students who have brought laurels to the college, state, and country alike.