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DCTE since inception has always believed in Overall development of students and educating them holistically rather than just making them literate in the area of management. To achieve this object DCET offers To Personality Development and elective course which help in honing the skills beyond classroom and board rooms.

Total Personality Development

The Total Personality Development programme is an integral part of the education system at DCET. Developing life and social skills is the main aim of this programme. The idea is to train students in soft skills which are the building blocks of success in life. Total Personality Development programme consists of several courses. These courses are conducted by reputed professionals and professional institutes.

The programme caters to a small batch of students at a time in order to offer to personalized attention to each students.

The DTP courses are conducted through out the year With the aim to help build a positive persona. These courses are conducted in workshop mode. Brief descriptions of the programme offered are ad under:

Public Speaking and personal Grooming

The objectives of this course are to provide an integrated module of personality development emphasizing those areas which are essential for overall growth and development of a confident and well-groomed professional of students. The course content is divided into three basic modules of Physical Appearance, Etiquette and Personality Development. These courses help to bring distinctiveness in one's personality.


A highly interactive module was students learn the basic of the theater. The high point of the course is that it involves various aspects of personality development and communication too. For example - voice modulation, overcoming inhibition, concentration and imagination.


Yoga is a life of self-discipline based on "Simple Living and High Thinking". The course is intended to teach budding managers the art of proper exercise, proper breathing, relaxation, regularized diet, positive thinking and meditation. It also helps students stay calm and concentrate during exams.

IT Application in Business

On completion of this course, the successful student will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of concepts and vocabulary related to computer. Students will be able to demonstrate fundamental proficiency using MS-Windows XP and will be able to access, search and retrieve relevant information from the internet.

Stock Market

This course is designed to give a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of stock market. It includes operational functioning as well as analytical understanding of the movement of stocks and shares.

Foreign Language

With businesses getting globalized, knowledge of foreign language comes in handy to business students while expanding their business. This course aims to impart functional knowledge of the language.

Setting Up of Family Business

The objective of this course is to impart the knowledge of the intricacies involved setting up and managing of a family business. Key issues which will be stressed are leadership, ability to manage both professional and family relationship and the importance entrepreneurship.

Management 360°

The objective of Management 360° would include:

  • Tapping Leadership Potential and skills.
  • Attain conceptual clarity on fundamental managerial principle and roles.
  • Appreciation of Learning through Service-Consultancy Projects.

The teaching methods are interactive and experiential and require students to participate in project team, case studies, group and individual exercise, reflection and written assignment and presentations along with lecture sessions.